Friday, July 19, 2013

Authors Note # 2

After a four month siege on the north eastern front, our efforts to set up a larger base of operations was crushed by the likes of a suspected ally. This traitor, the subject mentioned before, will be dealt with accordingly. The surrounding Helminth Clans, out of fear that the Allomyrinians would sodomize all of the subordinates,  have waged war against the two-faced Lepidoptera inhabitants.  If only they were as civilized as the Cyclorpha.

First World Chastisement

Under the order of Üntersterhmgaführ Welhmach Arturo-Olsin
One of my heretic Wehrmacht soldiers has created a problem for me. Hauptensleitenfuhr Fredrik Von Schnitzel-Nazi has damaged one of out radio tower. This very tower is the particular relay that provides outgoing signals to the other four radio towers and the two power sub-stations. The Fuhrer has not been formed yet; and if he is, all of our funding will be directed twords its repairs. We need said currencies to be pursed upon by the likes of new training, instead, for our Technologies Division.