Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Subordinate Species

Lepidoptera---Moth Revolutionaries

Helminths---Anarchist Parasites (majority worm)

Cyclorpha---Thearchist Fly


Before individual nations were well established And their leaders were equipped to run them, a council of 7 elder figures monitored the "children" to ensure that all established And appointed subjects would effectively further the six legged kind for all eternity. This is how they put it. To those below then, a religious occult controlled everyone for 60 years on extent. But eventually they died off and the two remaining councilmen, Tangyan Lawsenian, and Armenish Hourandi, reside in the caves or Mount Piyritherin.

Luck and Irony

Four years before the War, the Allomyrinian engineers created a fuel source that was 100% self sufficient. They then furthered this research on the material, only once referred to as Element Adolf in a small folder of yellowed documents, and used it to power a small autonomous robotic organism. Once the shrine elders that monitored the nations leaders found this out, he banned all items pertaining to the project. This infinite energy labeled the Allowmyrinians as heretics. Sergei Tanaka, to proud to let the pride of his career be crushed by religious propoganda, used an experimental device to launch his mech into space. The gyroscopic guidance system failed and he watched his future drift into the black vacuum.

Species Background- Allomyrinians

The Allomyrinians have always seen themselves as a greater species than the likes of other six legged subordinates. This sense of regency is further reinforced by their physical placement in the world. Being in the center of the surrounding nations already provided a roughly 230° view of most of their land along with there lesser neighbors.

Author Post #1

I have considered adding two new administration. One will be our lead artist. The other will contribute to the side story of Trishinad Sitorsky. These changes will be effective on July 10th.


Al lagniappes are side story that take place after the Fascist Kaifer series. They are the tie ins to the blog zombiesareat. blogspot.com