Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ippan-Tekina Shokuhin Shibō

I have rained hesitant to employ any diplomatic views to the surrounding powers. The recent events with the Helminths have resulting the preoccupation of my Imperial forces. Until we can suppress the routine uprisings, we will not have enough Marshal support to reinforce my political view in the council or Axel Powers.

Heer Führer Nahrung Kost

As I began my PM rituals, I received a report of  a pale creature being spotted Bout @7 Kleeks up the North' North West' side of Mount Pyrethrin. My head SS Guardsmen also added that the creature uses bi-legged locomotion. I have tossed aside and disregarded these reports as rubbish. Hopefully there will be no more disturbances tonight, or anytime in the future.