Monday, July 8, 2013

Lagniappe #1

After the outcome of the Mass Praelium War and the fall of the Allomyrinian Empire, Heerführer Nahrung Kost fled to the experimental aircraft developed by the Mesa-Clearance level Science Officer Sergei Tanaka. Kost, Tanaka and 7 of his Waffen SS escaped into the vacuum of space. Their destination was only a myth told by the ancient people of Armenia. These wise men speculated about a planet neutral until an endless war between Autonomous Mechs and a Human/Zombie Population. With their planet Withering to ash; this was the Insects-The Allomyrian's-only hope.

Notable Figures

Heerführer Nahrung Kost---Allomyrina

Ippan-Tekina Shokuhin Shibō---Caelifera

Field Marshall Howard Allen Marx---Blattaria

General Norman Earl Martin---Solenopsis

Trishinad Ivornak Sitorsky---Human

Prominent Species

Allomyrina- Fascist Beetles

Caelifera- Imperialist Grasshoppers

Blattaria-Unitarian Cockroaches

Solenopsis-Democratic Ants

The Genesis of War

The world was and has been ever since, filled with an abundance of six legged beings. There were many species and sub species but four populations strive to be recognized. The Allomyrina, large beetles that supported the Fascist ideology, resided in a well-fortified area at the base of a large mountain range. Atop this stone wall was the highest point; Mount Pyrethren. There the Allomyrinians fate layed...watching. 
     The Allomyrina tried expanding west into the Blattaria lands and south into the Solenopsis lands with no prevalent outcome. The borders usually remain quite, disturbed only by the small firefights of lone Heer Guardsmen crossing paths with the Solenopsis patrols.